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Sacramento Construction Defect Lawyer

The California Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu represents owners of land, commercial buildings, homes and apartments, and homeowner's associations in construction defects litigation and real estate fraud litigation. The founder of the firm, Sacramento construction defect attorney Eugene P. Haydu, has been dedicated to representing his clients' interests since 1989.

As a sole practitioner, he takes personal responsibility to ensure that his clients' concerns are addressed and their issues are resolved. Having worked in larger law firms, both as an associate and a partner, Mr. Haydu understands how easily cases can be relegated to inexperienced attorneys who may not possess the in-depth knowledge or skill sets to effectively resolve the matter. That is why he believes strongly in the value of being a sole practitioner representing clients in complex litigation.

Although Mr. Haydu has specialized in construction law since 1989, he began his career in construction as a journeyman carpenter working in commercial and residential construction for 10 years.

As a former carpenter himself, Mr. Haydu brings a unique perspective in understanding and developing claims against general contractors and developers. He knows the correct way to build a home. More importantly, he understands that property owners have rights against builders and developers.

Contractors are required to follow minimum requirements of the building codes, manufacturers' installation recommendations and California law. Once Mr. Haydu begins representing a client, he commits to enforcing these standards, so that his clients' rights are protected.

If you are an owner of commercial or residential property that was built in a substandard fashion and suffers from stucco cracks, window leaks, roof leaks, water damage, mold, soil movement, foundation failure, concrete floor cracks or any other defects, you have a right to demand that the contractor perform necessary corrective work. If the contractor refuses, you may have a right seek financial recovery.

Contact Our California Attorney For Real Estate Fraud And Construction Defects

The best way to protect your rights is to hire an experienced construction lawyer. The Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu has the skill and determination to effectively resolve any construction litigation matter, and we will be pleased to advance your rights. To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with our attorney, call the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu at 916-677-4964 or contact us online.


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