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California Construction Defect Litigation Lawyer

At the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu, located in Sacramento, California, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of property owners throughout the state. We represent owners of commercial buildings, single-family homes, apartments, mobile homes and homeowners' associations in construction defects litigation. We also represent owners of residential or commercial property who have been the victims of real estate fraud.

The founder our firm, attorney Eugene P. Haydu, has been practicing law since 1989. Mr. Haydu was a journeyman carpenter working in commercial and residential construction while attending law school at night. This gives him a unique perspective as a California construction defect litigation attorney in understanding and developing claims against general contractors and developers. In addition, it qualifies him to interact in a knowledgeable manner with professional consultants such as architects and engineers.

Can you recognize the potential signs of defective construction? Learn what constitutes normal building maintenance and what does not.

Common Types Of Defective Conditions

Construction companies too often cut corners to save time or use substitute materials that are substandard. When builders fail to follow building codes and manufacturers' directions, the results can be unfortunate. Property defects that result from substandard work can include:

If your property has a defective condition caused by poor workmanship, you have rights. You have a right to insist that the contractor performs all necessary corrective work. If the builder refuses to perform corrective work, you may have a right to financial recovery. The assistance of an experienced construction attorney is critical to protecting your rights to corrective work and/or financial recovery. Learn more about California's Right to Repair law.

Free Consultation With Our Sacramento Property Owners' Rights Attorney

If you need the help of an experienced construction defects attorney to protect your property rights, call the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu at 916-677-4964 for a free initial consultation. Alternately, we invite you to contact our lawyer by email.


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