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Improper Balcony And Deck Construction Lawyer In California

If you are an apartment owner, homeowner association or other owner of a commercial building or residential property with construction-related balcony or deck defects, the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu is here to help. We also represent people and businesses that have been the victims of residential or commercial real estate fraud, which involves sellers intentionally failing to disclose defective property conditions to the purchasers.

The founder of our firm, Eugene P. Haydu, has been dedicated to guiding clients through the complexities of the legal system since 1989. In addition to his extensive experience as a California attorney for improper balcony and deck construction disputes, he is a former journeyman carpenter who fully understands the technical issues involved in such cases.

Balcony And Deck Defects

Poor workmanship on balconies and decks can result in countless construction defects. Many of these defects lead to water intrusion and the potential for costly damage to both the inside and outside of the building. In addition, such water damage can easily encourage dry rot and mold within the structure.

Here are a few common defects associated with decks and balconies:

  • Incorrect installation of sheet metal flashing
  • Failing to properly back prime wood members
  • Incorrectly connecting the new deck to the building
  • Failing to appropriately slope the deck away so it drains away from the building
  • Failing to adequately install deck drains or to seal such drains
  • Failing to waterproof the deck members or balcony
  • Incorrect use of nails

Free Consultation With Our Sacramento House Defects Attorney

To schedule a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu about any balcony or deck defect dispute in California, call our Sacramento office at 916-677-4964, or contact our lawyer via the online email form.


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