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California Concrete Defects Lawyer

The Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu provides counsel and representation to both commercial and residential property owners in Sacramento and surrounding areas. In practice since 1989, California concrete defects attorney Eugene P. Haydu has teamed with top industry experts to resolve construction defect litigation and defend his clients' interests.

Such forensic experts include civil and structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, general contractors, building inspectors, economists, real estate brokers and appraisers.

Mr. Haydu is a former journeyman carpenter, which provides him with unique insight and experience in construction-related issues and disputes.

Construction Defects In Concrete Slabs and Foundations

The integrity of residential and commercial concrete foundations, slabs, flatwork, sidewalks, driveways and more can be compromised by inferior construction work. Such concrete-related construction defects can assume many forms, including:

  • Poor foundation design
  • Shallow foundation footings
  • Failure to pre-saturate building pads before pouring concrete slabs
  • Heaving and cracking concrete slabs caused by expansive clay soils
  • Inadequate vapor barriers under concrete slabs
  • Interior flooring damaged by moisture
  • Poorly grouted post tension cables
  • Corrosion of seismic hardware
  • Concrete slabs damaged by chlorides, alkali and other chemicals

How Clay Affects Concrete

Due to their origin, the soils in much of California contain clay material. Clay soil under a house can cause its foundation to heave and crack. The entire Sacramento Valley is essentially made up of sedimentary materials, much of it clay-based.

When clay is exposed to water, it expands. When water retreats, it contracts. This cycle of expansion and contraction takes place seasonally. When a house is constructed on clay soil it is subject to the expansive cycle. These powerful forces can push a house up several inches in a wet winter. The result is cracks in the slab floors, tile coverings and in the sheetrock walls. Sometimes these problems do not appear for years after the home is completed.

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To schedule a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu about any concrete defect or other construction-related dispute, call the Sacramento office at 916-677-4964, or contact our lawyer via the online email form.


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