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California Soil Movement Damage Lawyer

From cases involving soil settlement that damages commercial buildings to residential homes cracking and splitting from poor soil compaction, the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu has the experience and knowledge to resolve such matters.

Mr. Haydu is a California soil movement damage attorney who has been practicing law since 1989. While many earth movement disputes can be settled through strategic negotiations, our lawyer has also developed a reputation for taking cases to trial if litigation is in his clients' best interests. He is available to handle a broad spectrum of soil movement cases throughout the state, including those that involve:

  • Landslides or mudslides
  • Flooding or water intrusion
  • Separation of stucco and drywall
  • Cracking of cement slabs and hardscape
  • Improperly abandoned sewer lines.
  • Failed retaining walls, cracked foundations and misleveled buildings constructed on hills

Causes Of Earth Movement And Resulting Property Damage

Damage from soil movement can either happen very quickly, such as in a mudslide, or very slowly, such as by slope creep or lateral fill extension. Often, water is involved. Rainfall can cause certain soils to expand, or the natural moisture in an adjoining lake can cause buildings to shift and settle. In many cases, proper grading and compaction of the building site is critical to avoiding significant damage.

Soil-related construction defects can include:

  • Improper soil grading
  • Failed compaction
  • Foundations that are improperly laid
  • Foundations that are poorly designed for expansive soil
  • Poor design and construction of retaining walls
  • Improper soil preparation
  • Insufficient site drainage or retaining wall drains
  • Improper depth or setback for foundation pilings

In these cases, our lawyer works with a network of experts, including geotechnical engineers, soil contractors, structural engineers, forensic architects and other professionals to analyze and develop the claim.

Contact Our Sacramento Attorney For Earthwork, Retaining Wall And Concrete Foundation Errors And More

Whether your property was damaged by a preventable landslide, by slope creep or by any other type of foreseeable earth movement, do not hesitate to schedule a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu. Simply call our Sacramento office at 916-677-4964, or contact our lawyer via the online email form.


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