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California Mobile Home Residency Law Attorney

California has created special statutes governing mobile home parks (sometimes called manufactured housing communities, recreational vehicle parks or trailer parks). This mobile home residency law covers many different issues, including:

  • Rental agreements
  • Right of entry by the park owner or manager
  • Written notice requirements
  • Accommodations for people with disabilities
  • Park owner's failure to maintain common areas
  • Park owner's failure to maintain driveways and drainage on tenants' space.
  • Utility services and surcharges
  • Homeowner and management meetings
  • Selling a mobile home
  • Violating park rules
  • Disclosure of natural hazards

If park management fails to obey the statutes, you may have the right to file a lawsuit. At the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu, we will clearly explain your legal rights. If you deserve compensation for any damages, our California mobile home residency law attorney can represent you.

How A Sacramento Attorney For Trailer Park Laws Can Help

Our law firm can advise and help you if:

  • Park management refuses to allow you access to common facilities such as the clubhouse, laundry room, swimming pool, etc.
  • Park management overcharges you for utility services provided through a submeter from a master meter.
  • Park management fails to maintain your mobile home park, resulting in flooding, plumbing and sewer problems, lack of water, lack of electricity or other problems.
  • You have concerns about the warranty, sales contract, registration, title or lease agreement for your manufactured home.
  • You were the victim of real estate fraud, and the seller of your mobile home intentionally failed to tell you about major defects.

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To schedule a free initial consultation with the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu, call our Sacramento office at 916-677-4964, or contact our lawyer via the online email form. We accept cases on variety of fee schedules including contingency fee basis, hourly fees or a combination of hourly and contingency. All fee arrangements are negotiable and the terms are confirmed before we begin working on your case.


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