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Real Estate Fraud

Experienced Real Estate Fraud Attorney, Sacramento, CA

At the Law Office of Eugene P. Haydu, located in Sacramento, California, we represent people who have been the victims of residential or commercial real estate fraud. Eugene P. Haydu, the founder of the firm, has 18 years experience in the area of real estate law. If you have purchased residential or commercial property which had an existing defect that was not disclosed to you at the time of sale, call our office at (916) 677-4964.

Real Estate Non-Disclosure

When people sell a home, townhome, or other residential property in the state of California, they have a duty to disclose certain known defects in their property. This includes disclosure of problems that could have been fixed by the time of sale. Too often, sellers engage in real estate fraud by intentionally omitting knowledge of defective property conditions to purchasers of their property. California also requires sellers of commercial property to make disclosures of certain defective conditions as well.

If you have discovered that your property has an undisclosed defect that existed at the time you purchased your property, call our office. An experienced real estate lawyer can conduct an investigation to determine if there is any evidence that the property seller knew of the defective property condition at the time they sold the property to you.

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If you believe your property has defects that were known, but not disclosed, by the property seller, call our office at (916) 677-4964 to receive a full explanation of your rights.

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